BioBizz Fish-Mix

This fertilizer can be used on all outdoor plants during the first growth phases and during the flowering period up to harvest. It is also mild enough to be used in the early life stages of the plant or sprayed directly onto the leaves during the vegetative growth cycle.

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BioBizz Fish-Mix
BioBizz Fish-Mix (BioBizz Fish-Mix 10l)
€86,74 €11,37 €6,89 €45,59 €6,89 –2 % –4 % –5 % –2 % Bis zu –5 %

What is Fish·Mix?

This rich infusion of organic fish emulsion from the North Sea, mixed together with extract of 100% organic Dutch sugar beet, helps accelerate the growth of all living organisms in the substrate.

It also stimulates the production of microorganisms and useful bacteria in all types of soil and coco-based substrates. And it’s good to know that, in keeping with our strict organic farming requirements, Fish·Mix is not extracted with acids or stabilised with BHT (butylated hydroxytoluene) – a synthetic preservative.

How to use it?

You can use Fish·Mix on all kinds of plants during the first stages of growth, and during the flowering period until harvest. After a few days of use, it will have transformed poor quality earth into rich, fat soil – full of the natural minerals your plants are hungry for.

It’s also mild enough to be used in the first stages of a plant’s life or sprayed directly onto leaves during the vegetative growing cycle.

If you want to use Fish·Mix with your All·Mix then our advice is to measure a 1ml dose of Fish·Mix per litre of water. For Light·Mix, increase the amount to 2-4ml per litre of water. Follow our official Nutrient Schedule for the best results.


Zusätzliche Parameter

Kategorie: Biobizz Basic Nutrients
Stages of growth: Until the whole growth
Supplements for Plants: Phosphorus (P), Potassium (K), Nitrogen (N)
Type of fertilizer: Fluid
Type of light spectrum: Full Spectrum
Use: Complementary Nutrients

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