EasyGrow S800 v2 FullSpec.

Meet the New Future with Samsung LM301H in EasyGrow renewed models. More than 15% better results than V1 series.

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EasyGrow S800 v2 FullSpec.
led grow lights
€459 –5 %

We are proud to introduce the new generation of lights EasyGrow V2 with modernised Samsung 301H chips that have no competition in LED chips used in the horticulture industry. V2 models are newly equipped with supplementary chips Osram 660nm and 730nm and also with LG UV395 chips.

Lights thanks to its enhanced power come up to more than 15% better results than V1 series.

Technical parameters:

Replace for: 800W HPS
Light draw power: 340W ±5

at a height of 40cm - 1695.01852 (umol?m-2?s-E1r)
at a height of  60cm - 1075.35857 (umol?m-2?s-1E)


Yields: 2.7 g/W and more
Luminosity: 230 Lm/W
Weight: 6,2 kg 
Light size : 94 x 19,5 x 8,2 cm
Lifetime: 100 000h in operation
Warranty: 5 years


EG-S800 V2 components:

Driver: Meanwell HLG serie

Used chips:

762x Samsung LM301H

24x Epistar FarRed 

3x Osram 660nm and 3x 730nm

3x LG UV395

Adjustable power:  YES  (power can be controlled only through the dimmer built in the driver in the range of 50-100% - can not be set using the mobile application) 


Recommended coverage: 

Grow: 90x120cm (3'x4')
Flower: 120x150cm (4'x4.5')


Distance from the plant: 

Seedling: 60cm (23")
Grow: 40-60 cm (16"x 23")
Flower: 30-40 cm (12"x16")

Full cycle spectrum 3500K

The spectrum is designed for the full growth cycle of plants. During the manufacture, we considered the ideal values of the spectrum suitable for small seedlings, as well as the final flower stage.



Packaging contains:

Complete lighting EasyGrow plug (3m) EU, UK
Complete hanging system
Manual and guarantee card  


The lights are assembled and designed in the European Union. In case of complaint, we will pick the light at your place for free and we will sent it back when repaired.

Zusätzliche Parameter

Kategorie: EasyGrow V2 with 301H
Garantie: 5 years
Input Power: 320w
Power: 200-400W

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