Optic 6 vs Optic 8+


            With the Optic 6 vs Optic 8+ comparison we take the first steps towards diving in and figuring out which light would be better for your Garden. Here we are looking at some of the fundamental differences between the two lights and we will continue to share information like this to help you decide what is the best choice for you. Watch the Video below to get Started!










Optic 6 gives you a better return on your investment. Looking at grams yielded per dollar spent you can expect up to 1.19 grams per dollar spent. Optic 6 sits at the top of the charts for return on Investment.

Optic 8+ gives you a higher overall yield by 25% while consuming 20% less electricity so you have to decide for yourself if the larger upfront Investment is worth the higher overall yield in the end. 


 620 watt Optic 6 Review & Par Meter Test

 Optic 6 PPFD @24" Hanging Height

500 watt Optic 8+ Par Meter Test

 Optic 8+ PPFD @24" Hanging Height