Next Generation LED Grow Lights, High Efficiency Greenhouse Lighting & Indoor Growing Lights

Since 2008, California LightWorks has been guided by a vision focused on the research, design, development and manufacturing of advanced energy-efficient greenhouse and indoor horticulture lighting & LED Grow Lights as well as automation equipment. By applying the latest advances in high efficiency solid state lighting and controls technology, our team provides growers worldwide with a advanced LED grow lights that deliver clear benefits at a competitive price.  Our journey into designing high-efficient LED growing lights began in 2008 with our StealthLED model, followed by our XtremeLED, which was distributed by R&M supply (now part of Hydrofarm) to retailers everywhere. Our SolarStorm and SolarFlare line of LED grow lights are high-power designs that are the result of collaboration with many local indoor growing lights experts.

At California Lightworks, our LED grow lights consume 50% less electricity than high pressure sodium or metal halide- based systems.As a much more energy efficient light source,  our indoor LED grow lights lights focus the emitted light energy on the bands of the light spectrum that plants absorb the most. Unlike many other indoor grow lights, our LED grow lights produce much less heat, removing the need for additional cooling fans and eliminating the risk of fire. At California LightWorks, our indoor horticulture and greenhouse lights provide a safe and efficient solution for growers everywhere.

Located in Canoga Park, California, our R&D and manufacturing facilities make a conscious effort to work with US- based vendors whenever possible. Everything from circuit boards, power supplies, sheet metal covers to final assembly are made in house at our facility. Backed by our solid reputation for standing behind our product, we offer industry leading warranties on all our LED grow lights.

Whether you are an experienced guru or new to indoor growing, our LED grow light solutions are simple to install and use. Every product we sell has been thoroughly tested in the lab and in the field.  Get the latest generation LED grow lights from California LightWorks today!

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SolarSystem 1100 led grow2
€1 749

Das SolarSystem 1100 (SS 1100) ist das leistungsstärkste Licht, das jemals von Crazy LEDs verkauft wurde. Die SS 1100 ist eine professionelle LED-Wachstumsleuchte und ersetzt...

Art.-Nr.: 96
SolarSystem 275 led grow3

Das SolarSystem 275 (SS275) ist das kompakteste und leichteste LED-Wachstumslicht der SolarSystem-Serie. Die Lichtleistung liefert ähnliche Ergebnisse wie kleinere HPS-Leuchten...

Art.-Nr.: 154
SolarSystem 275veg

Das SolarSystem 275 VEG ist ein spezielles LED-Wachstumslicht für schnelles vegetatives Pflanzenwachstum. Das SolarSystem 275 VEG hat das gleiche Design wie das SolarSystem 275...

Art.-Nr.: 160
SolarSystem 550 led grow3
€1 159 –28 %

Das SolarSystem 550 ist ein Game Changer in der Innen- und Gewächshausbeleuchtung für den Gartenbau. Der SS 550 ist kompakt und leicht, strahlt jedoch mehr Licht aus als viel...

Art.-Nr.: 99
SolarSystem 550 Veg
€1 159 –28 %

Das SolarSystem 550 VEG ist ein spezielles LED-Wachstumslicht für schnelles vegetatives Pflanzenwachstum. Das SolarSystem 550 VEG hat das gleiche Design wie das SolarSystem 550...

Art.-Nr.: 157

Der SolarSystem-Controller arbeitet mit der SolarSystem-Serie und kann eine unbegrenzte Anzahl von Lichtern von einem einzigen Controller aus steuern.

Art.-Nr.: 163

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